Trimble R3 GPS system

Gps Trimble R3

Trimble R3: Get your feet wet in GPS surveying without getting in over your head

The Trimble® R3 GPS system is a complete L1 GPS postprocessed solution from the industry leader in GPS surveying technology. Combining an L1 GPS receiver and antenna, rugged handheld controller, and easy-to-use field and office software, the Trimble R3 system brings precise subcentimeter control to your site, establishes new localized control, and collects topographic data. The system operates without line-of-sight between points, and it can operate day or night in any weather.
The Trimble R3 GPS System offers:
  • A unique form factor that works as hard as you do
  • Familiar, easy-to-use software in the field and office
  • A total surveying solution for L1 GPS
 From the field to the office, every component of the Trimble R3 GPS system works together. The system comprises:
  • A survey-grade L1 GPS receiver integrated with the popular Trimble Recon™ controller
  • Trimble® Digital Fieldbook™ field software
  • Trimble A3 L1 GPS receiver
  • Trimble Business Center office software – L1 Postprocessing module


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