Rain Gauge

Rain Gauge with Data Software

RainWise RainLogger Rain Gauge with Datalogger, Software & Mounting Post

The RainLogger is comprised of our tipping bucket rain gauge and the RainLog rain logger. It will
collect and record rainfall anywhere in the world for one year at a resolution of one minute.
The Rainlog data logger is supplied with a polypropylene rain collector, RL-Loader software and serial
cable. The tipping bucket rain gauge is calibrated to 0.01 inches / 0.25 mm per tip. This package does
not include a mounting post.


  • One year capacity – both logger and battery supply
  • One minute time/date stamp resolution
  • EEPROM Non-volatile memory
  • Powered by one CR2477N
  • Windows-compatible software
  • The RainLogger System features the RAINEW Tipping Bucket

The 8″ diameter UV-inhibited polypropylene collector meets NWS
specifications for statistical accuracy. Every time the bucket tips, a
count is transmitted. Each tip of the bucket is equivalent to 1/100 th of
an inch of rainfall.

RL-Loader 2 – Software

This free Windows based software package will run on Windows 98 or later. RL-Loader is used to configure and download data from the Rainlog. Data is displayed in both text and graphical formats. You can print graphs and reports directly. Previously saved data can be loaded to perform analysis and generate reports. The latest release can export data directly into Microsoft Excel. The device info window gives you vital information about the attached Rainlog, like its time/date and the amount of memory used. The text window displays daily totals or the list of rainfall events as they occur. The graph window displays a
bar chart of the daily rainfall totals. The graphing range is also configurable. Klik disini untuk melihat gambar


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